Interior Corporate Design

When people walk into your business you want them to feel comfortable, have a sense of what your company is about and most importantly you want them to be engaged.


The True Effect Of Interior Design

Is your business's look truly a representation of your company and its message to the world?

Interior design plays a bigger role in the customer experience than you’d think. Many companies actively neglect this part of their business because they think it may not be worth the money, and is only really for the big guys like Apple, but that is just not the case. 

No matter the size of your business, how you design your interior space can impact the overall experience of clients and staff alike, and we can show you how.


How Georgie Designs Can Help

With interior corporate design services from Georgie Designs, customers can walk into any business and feel the warmth and welcome that will greet them at the door. 

Choosing colours, furniture and other items for effective interior design is essential to the atmosphere and overall look of a company. The design choices you make can help employees feel more comfortable and at ease while working. 

Creating a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can help employees to be more productive and loyal as they have a space they are comfortable and enjoy working in – let us show you how.


Event Styling

As experienced event stylists we can transform any space into a party haven. From corporate functions to immersive nights, we are adept at providing our clients with a functional yet stylish space to entertain party goers throughout the event.

Our event styling is individual to you, where we give you a bespoke look to fit the occasion and make your event really stand out.

Prop hire, set dressing, lighting and entertainment advice, we at Georgie Designs are on hand to ensure that your event is both stress free and successful.